More than love ,more than pain

It frequently questioned my mind what was missing from life.what was hauting me who was loving me more than love hurting me more than pain

Where my soul found peace ,from whom was it escaping to the woods ,who was claming to be my breathe …every piece of him inme whom did i belong ?

It started raining ,heavily whom did i reacall ,who was missing then wrote a broken crayon that still coloured

“When i was a liitle girl i rrmember thinking  men werre these beautiful creatures created to love and protect women of this world ,turns out wrong,”




Could i nick name HIM?!🙇

I never understood why he acted wierd being so entwined ,
Learning  his eyes  held  a bit of  chastic beauty where he was a 3 page love letter in a world of relationship updates, I learned tht he was wild ,wild enuf to run free on the blogs of adventure ,wild enuf to drown me down

tornado of roses with divine ,

his breath like a bulk of first shower and when i felt dead ,he promised these storms were only trying to wash me clean ,

his sight holded the control over my senses n then i exclaimed  why  storms were named after people ,momentus once in a lifetime ecliptic phenomenon

Thanksgiving when i felt his heartbeats sync with my pulse then i realized that i wanted to learn what he feared loosing and then i watched wat he photographed that hit me harder than i expected this explains why he never took pictures of me .


Everything that is beautiful ,DOES NOT START BEUTIFULLY 

Everything callapses ,the fragile heart ,the heartbreaks ,broken hopes ,pain hardwork but in the end .what comes easy isnt worth it ,and wat is worth it wont come easy ,glimpse of life owns a rule ,the more you desire it the more you need to run after it ,probably EARN it you will respect it even more .!,

Not everything needs your attention ,not everyone needs to know you ,stay low key with your goals ,travel alone ,build your pain alone beacause people ruin BEAUTIFUL things ,!!

Change theway u aspire life. Try making a difference rather a change .instead being a hell of a vibe say you re not a PRIORITY ,things will automatically fall into ur list ,the more it will pain to be true  the more u will  perspire the more it will be urs ,the more you collapse the more u will mould into something unique ,beacause no matter how much u try ,or confront ,your heart will only accept people who  will take u to the next level ,and when u learn to walk you wil respect all your flaws ,and no one will be able to use them against you

May be then you understand why ,,…

Good things take time !



One trip to sleep and you wake up with vibes ,vibes you never knew existed .what do u do .pass it on?develop it more or bury it into urself ,no we tend to multiply with the vibes out ,the same goes with unfaded love so what do u do with the extra love u hold , we invest in the needy world, we need people who forgive,  we need to love the universe like we recreate the peace we need , we dont need to be on a war or ,revenge .we  need to invest all that love in the people we love we need to let the universe in ,only then the same trip will lead to beautiful destinations ,,destinations you never knew existed !❤





One heartbeat down!

At the taste of every coffee sip

Underneath every numb pain

He smiled in the fume of sighs

Those green eyes,witnessed storms in hellos and goodbyes

Witness the blue Jays ,those tottered knees

High enuf ,seeing eye to eye..

He d be home ,he d be in my blues

Dark side of my bones ,my flawless views

His eyes on wreck his lips on verge

The same guy the same old world ,

His lit green eyes with a loof araged

Oh  my love ,mistakes ,

A long time ago

A long time left ,

She held the same glass of wine.

Her same old wall bt tht hung picture thine

One heart beat down ,

Oh my love divine!